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  • New caterers that are not currently on Chestnut Hill’s “Approved Vendor List” must provide all current applicable licenses and permits to include an off-site Virginia ABC License (unless the bride & groom are providing the alcohol and obtain a VA ABC Special Event Permit.)  If the catering company is providing the alcohol, we expect bartenders NOT to over serve as they may be held liable for drunk drivers.  All new caterers must schedule an on-site visit and provide a logistical plan at least 30 days in advance of the event.
  • Chestnut Hill provides a CAD diagram to the bride and groom.  This diagram can be helpful to the catering staff as it is a scaled drawing that includes the tent dimensions, location of the catering pad site, dance floor, stage, bar(s), service tables, guest tables & chairs, restroom facilities, etc.  Chestnut Hill requires the bride & groom to submit their final guest count 30 days prior to the event.  Therefore, it is suggested that the catering company request the final drawing by contacting the bride & groom or Chestnut Hill within that 30 day period for a final CAD.
  • Catering staff will be directed to park their vehicles off-site and a shuttle or valet will bring them to the event site on the property.
  • There is absolutely no driving on the grass.  It is recommended that the catering staff bring extra hand-carts to transport food, drinks and other supplies to and from the event site.
  • All wedding debris must be removed from the premises by the caterer at the end of the event.  Our trash cans cannot be used to dispose of trash as they are not large enough to accommodate several large events each week.
  • All service tables, guest tables and padded reception chairs will be provided by Chestnut Hill.  Caterers are NOT responsible for the set-up and arrangement of the tables and chairs or the breakdown of the tables and chairs at the end of the evening.  This service will be provided by Chestnut Hill.  Chestnut Hill does NOT provide or setup plateware, flatware or glassware.  All ceremony chairs will be erected, assembled and disassembled by Chestnut Hill’s staff.
  • Floor-length polyester linens for all service tables and guest tables will be provided by Chestnut Hill.  Caterers are NOT responsible to put the linens on the tables.  This service will be provided by our staff prior to your arrival.  Caterers are NOT responsible for the removal of linens at the end of the event.  Linens should be left on the tables for removal by Chestnut Hill’s staff.    Chestnut Hill will provide 20” x 20” linen napkins.  The napkins are to be folded and placed by the Caterer.  The folding style is up to the caterer and/or bride & groom.  All napkins should be left either on the tables or in a pile under the tent for collection by Chestnut Hill’s staff.
  • Chestnut Hill has a pavered catering pad site adjacent to the rear of the structural tent.  Chestnut Hill will provide a 15’ x 15’ white catering tent to include sidewalls and interior lighting unless the caterer works out of their own truck or trailer. 
  • Potable water is available at the reception site, however, the catering staff is required to provide applicable hoses.  Water is also available inside Chestnut Hill’s kitchen.
  • Electrical outlets are available at the tent site.  Caterers are responsible to provide a drop cord if necessary.  It is suggested that any high voltage appliances (such as hotplates, ovens, etc.) be tested in advance of the event.  Coffee pots must be used in Chestnut Hill’s kitchen.  Coffee pots cannot be used to brew coffee at the tented event site.
  • Deliveries for your event must be made after 2:30 p.m. on the day of the event and pick-ups must be made by 9:00 a.m. the following morning.
  • The bride & groom are informed in our contract that the music and event must end by 11:30 p.m.  Staff and vendors must depart the property by midnight.  Extended stays must be pre-approved by the bride & groom in advance of the event.  Catering staff must remain until the end of the event to ensure all wedding debris is removed from the tent and event site.
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