• Parking:  All wedding vendors will be directed to park their vehicles off-site and a shuttle or valet will bring them to the event site on the property.
  • When available, there is a golf cart that can be used for the transportation of equipment to and from the reception area. Under no circumstances is there any driving of licensed vehicles permitted on the lawns. It is recommended that you bring a handcart to aid in the transportation of your equipment.
  • An 8’ x 12’ stage is provided for your use to set up your equipment in the tent with an 8’ banquet table that will be fitted with a floor length black polyester linen. In front of this staged area is a 12’ x 12’ dance floor.  Please see a Chestnut Hill staff member for details about power source location and plugging in your equipment prior to the event.  Under no circumstances are any already existing plugged in cables to be unplugged for the set-up of the DJ equipment or any other reason.
  • Lighting: Chandeliers and perimeter lighting are installed inside the reception tent.  Chestnut Hill also provides special effects lighting for the tented reception. Please ask a Chestnut Hill staff member prior to the event about use and instructions.
  • If you plan to use equipment that draws an excessive amount of electricity, it is recommended that you come to the venue to test the equipment prior to the event to prevent any unexpected power source issues.
  • All DJ’s and Bands must provide their own speakers, cabling, and other necessary audio equipment (microphones, etc.) for the event. Chestnut Hill will provide electrical service for all DJs with equipment not older than four years of age. All bands and or other entertainment services that require larger than normal amps of electrical service will need to provide their own generator for the duration of the event that will generate their required source of electricity. It is highly recommended that all entertainment sources to include DJs that have never performed at Chestnut-Hill to schedule a time to test their equipment prior to the actual scheduled date of service.
  • If you have not previously been contracted to work an event at Chestnut Hill, it is recommended that you tour our facility prior to the event.  Please call to schedule a time.   (540) 661-0430
  • Noise Ordinance: The Town of Orange has a city ordinance that requires that all noise cease no later than midnight.  As a result, the Contracting Party and their attendees are required to end music at 11:30 p.m.   In addition, the Contracting Party and attendees who are not lodging at Chestnut Hill that evening must vacate the property no later than midnight.